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Help Wanted
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Okay readers, we need your help….

One of our readers, Lucinda, asked us on our Facebook wall “Hey do you know anywhere I can get over bump long leg (36″) jeans in a size 20?”. Are we’re quite stumped.

We know Long Tall Sally provide some, they cost £50. And thanks to Every Day Maternity, we know that BellyBump do a longer leg (34″) and they go up to a size Uk22. New Look also offer a 34″ leg and go up to a size 18.

And that doesn’t solve our problem. We can find the long leg, we can find the size 20 but what we can’t find is a combination of them both. So if you know where we can find some, do let us know. Either leave a comment below or complete our comments form. We’ll then create a post with all the finds … if there are any that is!!


  1. I did have 36 inch long jeans up to size 22 in stock but am currently having a stock clearance at the moment so only have size 20 in the black trousers at the moment. BUT you can get really nice 36-37″ long over bump maternity jeans from the US supplier RG maternity at but bear in mind you might have to pay customs charges on any order. Good luck!


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