Vintage Maternity Clothes


Vintage Maternity

I have said it before, and will say it again, it’s very difficult to come across decent vintage maternity clothes. However, I have been searching Etsy to find you some of the best Maternity finds listed. Here they are…

Let me know if you sell or know of vintage maternity shops, I’d love to feature them!


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  2. Because I couldn’t find any good vintage maternity wear and was generally fed up with what is out there, I have launched a vintage inspired maternity range at The collection includes 70’s smock dresses, a short 60s dress with bell sleeves, a 70’s maxi dress and of course some 80’s style dungarees.

  3. Hi Claire,

    Loved this! I was wondering if you know how to recognise a vintage maternity dress?
    I came across a beautiful velvet 60s dress, but somehow it is really difficult to understand how it is supposed to fit. It seems very large but the shoulders measurements seem to small for a larger size. Do have any tips? Thanks!


    • Hi Sandra, the problem with all things vintage (not just maternity) is that the sizing was so completely different back then. People were so much smaller. So the dress may be big to accommodate a bump but narrow for the build at the time. Not very useful I know. x


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