Trend Alert – Trench Coats


Trench coats are a classic wardrobe item. Buy one for this pregnancy and you know you’ll wear it for any subsequent pregnancies and still be bang on trend. Trench coats are one of those must-have year-round staples that can always be counted on to up the glam quotient of your look.

So, we share with you:

  1. Noppies Maternity Lewis Trench Coat which is stunning! Noppies have given this maternity coat an amazing shape so it will last through your pregnancy and afterwards too. £84.99 from AllNine.
  2. It’s not often we feature Mothercare here, but their Trench Coat is of classic design and just £60.
  3. This one is an absolute bargain. Just £24.90 from BonPrix. Can’t complain at that price.
  4. The Isabella Oliver Maternity Woollen Trench is a wool cashmere that will remain chic year in, year out, and you can wear post pregnancy too. £239 and gorgeous.
  5. This Trench Coat is also from Isabella Oliver and has featured in Marie Claire. It’s on sale at the moment, a snip over £94. Click click before they all go!
  6. And finally we have the gorgeous Nahara Trench Coat from All Saints. I have tried this on a 100 times but my bank balance is saying no. It’s £250 and worth every penny

Seriously, they never go out of fashion. Ask this lot if you don’t believe me:

Celebrity Trench Coat Wearers


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