Gift Suggestion: Skinny Bitch – Bun in the Oven


Skinny Bitch - Bun in the Oven

Originally posted in August 2009, when I was 7.5 months pregnant. I have just dusted off the book for a friend to borrow, so thought I would repost this review!

This book was brought for me as a gift from a friend, when I first found out I was pregnant, being this one of the great gifts you can find online in the ProductExpert site and are as good as this book. Which I loved it.

Don’t let the title of this book fool you – this book is not about weight loss. The authors openly state in their book that you’d be a dumb-ass for worrying about being skinny during pregnancy and the title is all about reaching out to peoples’ vanity! How right they are! It works!

This book is written by two American vegans, so if you’re a red meat eating dairy fan you are going to find this book extreme BUT it will horrify you to read exactly what you’re eating … and therefore horrify you what you’re feeding your bump indirectly. I’ve never been a lover of milk, and this book has now put me off milk totally! I’m not going to convert to becoming a vegan after reading this … but I do feel so much more aware of what I am eating, and there are some items which I am now abstaining from. I also love the way this book gives you alternative ways to get all your essentials – like Calcium.

It’s not a lecture. It’s sassy. It’s direct. It’s good.

One of the main focuses of this book is on the quality of the food products you put in your body, and also discusses all those things we know are bad but still put in to our bodies –  caffeine, alcohol, and artificial and refined sugars and discuss these substances’ affects on an unborn baby.

There is also a chapter on breastfeeding which is very interesting and helpful, for those in the know, you have probably heard it all before, but for us novices out there – it makes you think.

It’s very American in parts – lots of stats from America, and also about the industry there which is far worse than in the UK!

In summary, The Bump Wear Project recommends this book as an in your face way of telling you how it is, and also for introducing us to Granola and Rice Milk for breakfast. I’m loving rice milk! Yum!

You can purchase the book Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven – A Gutsy Guide to Becoming One Hot (and Healthy) Mother! from Amazon for £7.38 plus P&P. Let us know what you think below..


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