Mama Must Haves : Rose Oil, Bras & A GSOH


Mama Must Haves

Hey girls, I’m Gemma, mother to my darling Mary (3) and wife to my darling husband. I’m very honoured to be asked to guest blog here today. You can usually find me blogging about my musings and inspiration on my blog The Home County, pop over and say hey x

Pregnancy Essential #1. Giving up the maternity clothes.

I was over the moon to be pregnant, and it was a perfect opportunity to stock up with some new mummy to be clothes, I had an image in my head:  to look like a size 8 from the back and then for people to be gobsmacked when they saw my bump… So I shopped. I bought the jeans, the wrap shirt, the long vest, the skirt, the dress… what a waste. I was so miserable and frumpy in them, I didn’t feel like myself anymore. During one painful shopping trip my with best friend, she threw me into a changing room and made me try on ‘normal’ clothes. Success! I was back to myself again and my bump looked like a bump and not a fat tummy covered in rolls of strangely baggy clothes. PS I am not a size 8.

Pregnancy Essential #2 Hello Boys

Buy sexy maternity bras. You didn’t wear some boring grey thing to get yourself pregnant, so don’t start now. I bought 2 pairs of Elle Macpherson maternity bras and they were fantastic. Lacy, cute, comfy and it didn’t matter if you caught a glimpse of them. They also have the back expanders which are great. H&M also do maternity bras – keep an eye out – I have seen them in shocking pink lace and leopard print…. Who needs to be sensible!?!?

Pregnancy Essential # 3 Magazine

Junior Pregnancy and Baby is amazing. The shots are fantastic, the pregnancy advice is on the button and you can keep the magazines as they give advice for the first few months of your baby’s life. Definitely invest in a subscription, I bought one each time I found out a friend was pregnant too.

Pregnancy Essential #4 Jo Malone

Someone once told me that Rose oil is supposed to be fantastic for stretch marks. I was straight on the Jo Malone website and bought a huge jar of the Rose bath oil. I used it in the shower every morning. Not only was it my daily pregnancy ritual, but it was the perfect alternative to perfume (the smell of which made me feel sick).

Pregnancy Essential #5 GSOH

When you’re swigging Gaviscon from the bottle on the London Underground while squashed against the door as no one ever looks up,or your feet are so swollen with water retention that EVEN Uggs are tight, a sense of humour is essential. Looking back you can laugh, I know it’s  hard to some times, but please smile and giggle. You are beautiful and you look incredible, go on show off a bit of bra!

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