Refreshing Your Maternity Wardrobe


Back in October 2009 – when I was heavily pregnant – I wrote an article for I have just read it for the first time since, and I thought I would post a synposis of it here for you because, two years later, I still agree with what I wrote!

If your a second time Mum, you need to refresh that maternity wardrobe. Here is how…

Clean Out Your Closet

Be realistic, if those vests are faded, bobbley, or stretched out of shape from your last bump. Ditch them. Or turn them in to something else. They wont make you fell good about yourself. Of course, keep some slobbing at home clothes but else, be firm.

Use Accessories

Have fun with accessories – you can find accessories for very little money and the new item will often inspire an old outfit. We’re talking about ribbons, bows, broaches, bangles, bags and necklaces. The use of accessories as one of the Golden Rules in looking great throughout your pregnancy.

Invest in Base Wear

We’re talking about clothes than can be layered. Get yourself a good selection of vests, bumpbands, leggings and the like in.


It’s not as hard as you may think, and doesn’t have to be permanent. One of the easiest ways to quickly change the look of any item is to add new details.

Mix it Up

Instead of wearing the same item combinations as you did during your last pregnancy, mix it up. Try teaming different pieces with different accessories and details and see what you can come up with. Think about textures, prints and shapes. Don’t try and follow trends – create something stylish. As the almighty Yves Saint Laurent once said: Fashions fade, style is eternal…

Spend some time doing this as soon as you start needing to think about getting the maternity clothes out, and you will save money.

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  1. Great synopsis which I will pass along via Twitter and Facebook too.

    I always ask mums-to-be what colours and type of clothes did you wear before pregnancy? My advice is continue with your own individual style and if you did not wear shocking pink before pregnancy, why now? If you usually feel more comfortable in a skirt, why are you buying trousers?


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