Pregnant or Not: Rollasole


Well. What a little treasure we have stumbled across here. Rollasole. The shoe with er, soul! Aimed at clubbers and disco divas, yet Rollasole is perfect for your pregnant feet! If like me, you were someone reluctant to give up your heels but knew a whole day wearing 4″ heels – okay 3″ heels – may be just a little to much, you NEED some of these in your handbag.

They are simple, comfortable ballet flats that can be purchased from vending machines at nightclubs, from stores such as New Look or direct from Rollasole themselves. For a mere £7, you can purchase a pair of these ballet flats that roll up into a ball and stuff easily inside your purse. They even come with a bag to place your hellish heels after your have removed them.

Pure genius.


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