Pregnant at the Emmys

Copyright 2009 Jason Merritt / Getty Images
Copyright 2009 Jason Merritt / Getty Images – Source:

The Bump Wear Project is giving a huge round of applause to Heidi Klum & Kourtney Kardashian, both of whom looked fabulous on the red carpet at the Emmys.

Kourtney’s dress is a BCBG gown (we think!) and Heidi is wearing a custom made strapless number from Marchesa. How jealous are we!


  1. Heidi all the way. She is rockin that bump for sure. To top it all – I know for sure that when that new bambino pops out – it will be landing right into its new STOKKE Xplory!

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  3. Demetria Thompson – Hey Elijah! You are so handsome. I love the pohots by Heidi! Great talent. I bet taking those pohots were a piece of cake. Happy Birthday little model.

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