Optifit Bra Competition Winners



Thank you to everyone who entered our Optifit Bra Competition, we had a staggering number of entries but only two lucky winners!


  • Entry #691 – Elaine L.

  • Entry #1921 – Karen B.

You have email!!

If you missed the competition, here’s a little about Optifit:

OPTIFIT has introduced the next generation in bra design. They design bras which move with the body and balance the spine to relieve and help prevent a variety of common health problems including breast discomfort, tension, skin and digestive problems. Using a revolutionary three-point measuring guide rather than the traditional two, OPTIFIT is pleased to introduce the new 3D elevation bra developed by a leading plastic surgeon and experienced bra expert. The bras ensure optimum fit and terrific lift but also eliminate unsightly back bulges giving you a smoother outline, slimmer profile and improved posture.

Head on over to their site now if you’re interested in finding more about a customised bra – a bra that will fit you perfectly!


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