leggingsLeggings. Very much in fashion this season … they’re everywhere. I’m not normally one to endorse fashion – as fashion fades, style is eternal. That’s from Yves Saint Laurent not me and forms one of The Golden Rules.

I’ve always been in to my skinny jeans. Leggings weren’t on my agenda until I found myself pregnant. To be quite honest, I’ve always been put off leggings due to ‘Camel Toe’. Grim. if you’re not sure what Camel Toe is, read this Wiki article. Yes there is a Wiki article on Camel Toe!

Anyway, with the expanding bump I decided that it was time to get over my issue with Camel Toe and get myself some leggings – after all I wouldn’t be wearing with a crop top and they are comfortable!

I shopped around in all the normal places, but could not find any good maternity ones, until I popped in to New Look. It’s often in the place you would least expect you find what you’re looking for isn’t it!

New Look maternity leggings are superb for a number of reasons:

  • They’re long – I’m 5’8″ and wear a 34″ jean
  • They go over the bump and I have found this much more comfortable
  • They are 95% cotton
  • They don’t get baggy
  • They’re cheap!

I brought the full length ones and some crop ones. I much prefer the look of the full length ones, but that’s a personal preference.

I brought mine when I was about 15 weeks pregnant … they’re still doing well now I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I wear them a couple of times a week – so they’ve been washed and tumble dried a lot. I dress them up, dress them down and I wear them as a base layer regularly. They’re very versatile.

I’d give these a 5/5 – They are a must have in any maternity wardrobe.

You can buy the leggings at any New Look store which has a maternity section or online. They cost £10, plus £3.50 delivery if you don’t buy in store.

Do you own New Look leggings? Or have a different brand to recommend? If so, let us know by commenting below…


  1. I found mine in Peacocks. I loved them and was still wearing them at 42 weeks!!! Also, they have been great post baby as my tummy shrinks as they still fit!

  2. I’m a below-the-knee leggings gal but also a shortie! Its harder to find these type at the minute though…

    Got mine in dorothy perkins and they are just ok. I don’t actually think they’re maternity though – I think they just got a bigger size pair and stuck the maternity tag on them!!!

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  4. I’m desperate to wear leggings during my pregnancy (I found them so comfy when they were last in fashion…) but my problem is footwear. I have to wear insoles to support my fallen arches, so tend to need something covers my whole foot – ballet pumps are definitely out. I also don’t wear high heels (please don’t hate me).

    Does anyone else have suggestions for flat footwear that will look fab with leggings?

    • Pumps – such as converse style ones – are a great option, and you can pick up simple plain ones really cheaply, less than £10. Also boots, all types of boots look great with leggings… military boots will be everywhere this winter, so you should have loads of choice. Think Agyness Deyn – she often rocks the leggings and boot look. Let us know how you get on.

  5. Thanks Rosa and Claire for those suggestions – I’ll let you know what I seek out. I should never have got rid of my Dr Martens…!

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