Mama Must Haves : Spas, Mulberry Handbags & a Gym Ball


Mama Must Haves

I’m Lizzie Owen, founder of Mummy in Manolos, mummy to two little ladies aged 5 and 3 years and owner of an incredibly patient husband. My blog is all about lifestyle; from fashion and friends to music and mayhem, most of which is recorded daily on the highly addictive social networking tools twitter and Instagram.

I have an awful memory, so what I can remember of my pregnancy, the best bits were:

The Spa at Bluebird I lived in Battersea during both of my pregnancies, so this place was my sanctum – I experienced heavenly massages throughout my bump months and beyond – clearly the spa was my main objective, but the shop at Bluebird also provided fabulous fashion from Vanessa Bruno, which fitted my enormous bump.

Mummy in ManalosI’d also look for every day maternity clothes that had some sort of use afterwards, which is why my favourite dress I wore till my husband remarked how bored he was seeing me in it, was an amazing creation by Pretty Pregnant – this nursing dress saw me out right to the end of pregnancy and then during those hideous first steps of breast feeding in public – they don’t sell the actual dress that I wore now, but the featured top will do exactly the same thing.

I worked full time four weeks before my 5 year old was born and nine weeks before my 3 year old was due (you live and learn), so comfort whilst taking calls and writing press releases was key. Bring in the gym ball – yes, this was my saviour during many political rants, where I would bounce when things would become stressful…actually, I just loved bouncing on the thing – so much more fun than a chair. Our CEO used to find it most amusing bless her.

Finally, you CANNOT….I repeat CANNOT live without deliveries from the Hummingbird Bakery and their life saving Red Velvet Cupcakes. If you’re too far away from this oasis and you’re unsure what the hell I’m going on about, then read up my friends, for they do a great book that provides the recipe to make these damn fine and highly addictive cupcakes – because you are eating for two right? Well I did…both times…I’ll never learn!!

P.S. – Giving birth is painful – your partner needs to know that this pain needs to be rewarded lavishly, therefore, please write down in your birth notes, at the end of the page, in big bold capitals ‘ TO THE B***TARD THAT MADE ME GO THROUGH THIS – BUY ME A MULBERRY BAG…THE MOST EXPENSIVE ONE…NOW!!!!’….I’m not joking – I am now the proud owner of a Roxanne..!!

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