Maternity Pants Tutorial


DIY Maternity Pants

I have been reading with interest the Maternity Pants Tutorial over at Grosgrain on how to make your old trousers maternity trousers. I am no sewer, I’ve tried but failed miserably, but making these pants is apparently easy for one with skills, and for the rest of us a 4 out of 10 on the complex side. The author of this post writes: When you’re finished you’ll have a great fitting, easy-on-the-wallet, easy-on-the-waist, pair of maternity pants that you can brag to your friends about.

All you need is Pants, Knit Fabric (that closely matches pants) 8″x45″ or 12″x45″, Felt tipped marker, Scissors, Straight Pins and a Sewing Machine and follow the steps listed over on the page.

I like that sound of this, it seems easy enough. I’ll definitely be giving it a go next time I am rocking a bump. If you do give this a go, let me know how you get on.

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