Maternity Luxe Grey Wool Top


Grey Maternity Top - Dorothy Perkins Maternity

I admit to being slightly confused about this top. It’s listed under maternity, it has maternity returns info on the page but that model there isn’t exactly looking pregnant is she?! Anyway, I have decided to feature because i like the top maternity or not (and my blog my rules, OK) but I do hate it when maternity clothes are not modelled by people with bumps. When I first started this site, way back in 2009, you saw that a lot. These days not so much. Anyway, I digress. I do like the boxy cut of this luxe grey wool top from Dorothy Perkins and i like that it’s 65% wool and only costs £14.40 (from £36). It’s also available in sizes 6 to 20. Absolute steel. I’d wear it with skinny or straight legged jeans with a turn up and a pair of high tops…..



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