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The Maternity Bump Band is a simple and cheap must-have for every pregnant woman – no matter what your style or size is! These can be on show. Or not. Mine wasn’t.

I received one from some girlfriends when I first announced I was pregnant. And have worn it regularly ever since.

In the early days I used it when my clothes were getting too tight… I wasn’t ready for maternity clothes (mentally or physically) so I used the bump band to cover the fact my clothes were undone. Depending on how you grow, you may find having a Bump Band a great alternative to buying lots of new clothes – although in the summer it does get a bit hot! As I got bigger, the Bump Band became a support item. As my belly button when from an inny to an outy, the Bump Band was used to stop is showing through my clothes. Very versatile.

The bands grow with you, so you shouldn’t have to keep re-buying them. I haven’t. There are loads of versions of the Bump Band on the market. The main difference between the bands (and therefore the associated cost) is the level of support they give you.

I personally used one from TopShop and one from BumpBand, and love them but you can get a Bump Band from any of the following places:

Bump Band £16.99

Bumps Maternity Wear – £14.95

TopShop – £7

Bella Band @ Baby Works – £16.99

Carriwell Maternity Support Band – from £8.25

Gro-Group Medium/Large (16-20) Bando Band (Black) – £19.50

Let me know how you get on with your band …


  1. I wore one black and one white maternity band all the way from week 12 to 43 (I know…), and I loved them! They allow you to wear your regular clothes much longer and keep your bump warm when it’s getting a little chilly out there.

    PS: Hi Claire,
    Great job you’ve done here. Love the site!

  2. I bought some bump bands at New Look at the weekend – 3 for £10. They’re a nice soft material, and look good. I was surprised, and impressed, by the wide range of maternity wear that New Look stocks (and thus bought far more than I need at only 15 weeks!).

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  4. Expecting moms can use pregnancy bands to wear their pre-pregnancy jeans throughout the first trimester. The bands can also be worn during the second trimester to hold up maternity jeans designed for the end of the pregnancy.

  5. These jeans have a comfortable and roomy mid-belly maternity band and are great for the second trimester of the pregnancy. Because pregnancy is one of the most joyous periods in a woman’s life.

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