Mamas & Papas Maternity Lingerie

Mamas & Papas Floral Maternity Bra & Pants
Mamas & Papas Floral Maternity Bra & Pants

I’m Bec, a regular here at The Bump Wear Project. I was sent this gorgeous Floral Maternity Bra and Knicker set to review from Mamas and Papas. It could not have come at a better time! I was 37 weeks, and at that ‘feel like Miss Piggy’ stage. The underwear fitted beautifully. The colour is gorgeous. The quality is great. And most importantly, it made me ‘feel’ nice which is sooo what I need at this time.

My only criticisms would be that, as with all maternity bras, the front is cut quite high which makes it difficult when choosing what to wear if you don’t fancy showing off the top of the bra. Plus the straps are thick and supportive and although I understand why they need to be but this always irks me, do they have to be that thick?

And finally, the price. It costs £22 for the bra, and £8 for the knickers, and although I believe this to be fairly reasonable, it won’t suit everyones budget especially if you consider how much underwear you need to buy for growing pregnant boobs! *

Overall, two chubby pregnant thumbs up from me, a 4/5 for Mamas and Papas!!

Mamas & Papas Set
Mamas & Papas Embroidered Maternity Bra & Pants

I’m Kelly, a 30 year old married mum. I have a toddler (turns 2 next week) and I’m 39 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. I was sent a embroidered maternity underwear set from Mamas and Papas to review, so here’re my thoughts…

If I’m honest, I’m not a very girlie girl so when I received the package my first thought was ‘oh no it’s pink’, but looking closer it has some lovely detail on it and definitely made a pretty set! The material’s very soft – a silky effect, and it has such a nice feeling that it made me wonder whether the set should be worn as everyday wear, or kept as a ‘special night out’ set, but the comfort of them made it clear – these can be worn all the time!
The bra offers the support needed without an underwire and the knickers are shaped just right for a bump, a comfortable fit and looks great.
I would definitely say that this is a set worth owning, the comfort matched with the look is fab, I even don’t mind the pink, it has grown on me and adds to the loveliness – just a shame it’s not a nursing bra so it could be worn for longer!
The bra costs £26 and the knickers £12. Worth every penny!

* Remember bra extenders are great to help with the longetivity of your bras.


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