Mama Must Haves: Twitter, Cool Kicks & an Understanding Hubby!

Mama Must Haves

Hello Ladies, Kara from Innocent Charms Chats sharing my Mama Must Haves. I am currently baking baby 3 aka Sweetpea and already Mama to Grayson (4) and Addison (1), surviving each day thanks to my patient husband Ashley. I can be found chatting way too much on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about being a Mama and my love of pretty things.

Bump Must #1 – Chocolate! – Crazed hormones, feeling fat and no alcohol all equals needing a delicious treat and chocolate fills that void, my awesome Hubby knows this and usually treats me each day. Smarties are my favourite this time round.

Bump Must #2 – Cool Kicks – I am a huge shoe lover, but I am afraid once the feet start to swell and you are carrying a small elephant in your belly, the beautiful heels are no more, so what better than styling with some cute trainers.

Bump Must #3 – Twitter – I cannot believe I did not know of Twitter on my 1st Pregnancy, I didn’t even have Sky, so my insomnia was taken up by stuffing my face, eek, now I head on Twitter and chat to all the Mummies who are feeding, or the crazed ladies that work till the wee hours. On top of that the wealth of knowledge and support you receive on Twitter is better than any pregnancy Guru.

Bump Must #4 – Long Line Vests – I could not survive without these, I have a pack of neutrals just like the picture, it means I can wear so many of my pre maternity clothes for longer as they cover up the band in the middle, they are great for under tops or on their own if pregnant in the Summer Months.

Bump Must #5 – Pretty Drink Bottle – Keeping hydrated is super important during pregnancy, not only for baby but for you, it helps your skin, helps keep away infections and stops you getting poorly. I say do all that with a pretty accessory.

Bump Must #6 – An Understanding Hubby – This seriously is the most crucial! I am super lucky, not only does he fulfil midnight cravings, massage my achy muscles, clean the bathrooms (I hate the smell of bleach), but he is also puts up with nice and nasty Kara, trust me it’s not your fault but those darn hormones swing your moods like a yo-yo, without Ash standing by my side I would be a wreck.

Want to tell us your Mama Must Haves? Get in touch and we will tell you how…


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