Mama Must Haves : Regular Exercise, Bump Bands & Tea!


Mama Must Haves

I’m Jennifer, I’m a Mum to two and I blog about my life and the things I get up to with my family at I was lucky enough to enjoy two smooth pregnancies, and I found these things essential to get me through them:

A pack of three bump bands from New Look.  My bump didn’t get that big, and I found that most maternity trousers were far too wide around the middle. The bump bands were perfect for keeping my tummy warm, holding up trousers, and also meant that I could wear non-maternity tops for that bit longer without worrying about a gap.

A hairband. I looped it around the button and buttonhole on my normal trousers to increase the waistband enough to get that little bit more wear out of them in those early weeks when my tummy was expanding but my bump was still too small for maternity trousers.

Raspberry leaf tea. I drank gallons of this in the last few weeks of both my pregnancies. It didn’t induce labour as some people may think (my first was 10 days overdue) but I had a fairly smooth delivery each time so it certainly didn’t do any harm! It also made sure that I set aside the time to regularly sit down and relax with a hot drink.

Some decent maternity trousers. They seemed expensive at the time but they were definitely worth investing in. I found a great pair of black trousers in the Next sale which were fully adjustable, really comfortable and suitable for both work and going out. I found my perfect pair of maternity jeans in Dorothy Perkins. I had to try on a few pairs of maternity trousers before I found out what style I liked best, I personally preferred ones that went under the bump but with a bump band to cover my tummy and a long top.

A maternity swimming costume and regular exercise. I was used to exercising a lot before I fell pregnant each time, so it was natural to want to continue throughout my pregnancy. I loved swimming, it made me feel good and I also found it relaxing. I also tried to continue walking as much as I was able, and I’m sure that keeping fit helped me with the physical demands of pregnancy and labour.

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