Mama Must Haves : Cbeebies, Pjs and a Secret Stash


Mama Must Haves

Hi, I’m Bex, blogger at The Mummy Adventure and mummy to Dylan (18 months).  With baby Squish due in exactly one week I feel like pregnancy has taken over my life at the moment! Here are my mama must haves.

Cbeebies – I could not have got through the first twelve weeks or these last couple without my trusty babysitter! Those precious moments where the toddler is so engrossed in what iggle piggle and upsy daisy are up to give me a few minutes to sit down in peace and drink some (decaf) tea!

Comfy Pyjamas – You may underestimate quite how uncomfortable pregnancy can be and changing into some loose pyjama bottoms at the end of the day/ lunch time makes all the difference! I love Melba’s as they are perfect for pregnancy and breastfeeding and so cosy.

A Giant Pillow – I have affectionately named mine Bernard much to the bloke’s dismay.  I am so much more comfy with a giant pillow which goes under my head and bump and between my legs.  When I really can’t sleep (now that late pregnancy insomnia has kicked in), I double it up and sleep with it on top of my normal pillows so I am almost sitting up – multi functional and Bernard doesn’t answer back – the perfect man!

Maternity Dresses – I have some beautiful tops that I bought specifically from the maternity section and I have got lots of use out of them.  For the last few weeks though nothing is covering bump and nothing is comfy so dresses and leggings are certainly the way forward.  I have been wearing floaty beach dresses despite it being snowy and February as they keep me covered and teamed with maternity leggings and a chunky cardigan can still pass as appropriate! Never underestimate quite how big your tummy can grow!

A Secret Stash– Blame it on baby, blame it on cravings or just keep it a secret.  The thing that gets me through pregnancy better than anything else is my secret stash of chocolate.  In fact,  I actually have a couple just in case one is discovered! Chocolate of choice is currently a Cadbury’s twirl or a creme egg but I have a selection just in case I fancy something different!


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