Mama Must Haves : An amazing glow, perfect jeans and twitter!


Mama Must Haves

Hi everyone, I’m Gill and I write A Baby On Board: London Life as a New Mum. It’s a blog about pregnancy, babies and life in London bringing up my one year old daughter Eliza. I write about all the things I love, from baby clothes to breastfeeding. I really enjoyed being pregnant and feel very nostalgic about it now! Here are the essential items I couldn’t live without:

That amazing pregnancy glow – An amazing pregnancy glow? If you’re like me, you probably spent most of the time looking either pretty green or slightly grey. So faking it with make-up was an absolute must; two of my beauty essentials were Benefit HighBeam and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.

The perfect pair of jeans – It was skinny jeans all the way for me, as I hated the idea of drastically changing my style because I was pregnant (and I had a fear of anything frumpy!). I also think a fitted leg balances out a big bump. Out of all the ones I tried, H&M over-bump jeans were my favourite

A really nice dress – Because it’s good to have something lovely you can put on even when you are feeling huge. I had a maternity tea dress from Topshop, and ASOS and Isabella Oliver dresses are also great.

My iPhone – I’m a total iPhone addict anyway, but I couldn’t have lived without it. I downloaded all the pregnancy apps I could find, and stored all my scan and bump photos. And Twitter is vital, as you’ll soon be chatting to other new mums during all the newborn night wake-ups

All the necklaces, while you can – Make the most of wearing necklaces when you’re pregnant! As soon as your baby gains some arm control you won’t be able to any more (I recently wrote about how much I miss wearing them). Plus necklaces will fit, whatever size you are!




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