Mama Must Haves : A fridge, bump band and a clippasafe bump belt


Pregnancy Must Haves

Hello Lovelies, it’s Hannah from  A New Addition blog, a Fashion, Lifestyle and Parenting blog. I would describe myself as a social media addict so you Here to share my pregnancy essentials with you. I am mummy to two beautiful boys aged 5 and 1. They are my life and were the most different pregnancy’s so much so I believed the hype in the beginning that Baby J my youngest must be as girl as they were so different. With my eldest K my pregnancy was smooth riding, my bump grew, I continued to go to college and even continued to go to the gym, swimming and yoga classes. I had very few cravings, had absolutely no morning sickness and the only thing that made me want to vomit was the smell of bacon cooking! (I know, I know I couldn’t believe it myself either!) I wasn’t driving as I didn’t have my license yet so I pretty much walked everywhere so was straight back into my pre-pregnancy clothes on the way out of hospital after giving birth. With J Things were completely different, from the positive pregnancy line EVERYTHING made me sick, I was massive, put on so much weight and was probably the happiest I have ever been! This brings me to my pregnancy essentials:

The Fridge. It pretty much explains itself I just COULD NOT stop eating, which was a vicious circle really considering I couldn’t stop being sick either lol!

The Clippasafe bump belt. I truly loved this product, I passed my driving test whilst pregnant with J and when I brought my car I felt so uncomfortable with the seat belt. This was so comfortable I truly would recommend it, although it is a bit of an extra faff for me it was worthwhile.

Palmer’s cocoa butter. This stuff smells so good I literally just wanted to eat it!! Because I grew so big with J my skin was so itchy with the stretching! I found Palmer’s to be cooling and relieve some of the itch! The lush smell was an added bonus too!

Maternity leggings / jeggings. I LIVED in these and long tops and dresses, they were just so comfy and could be made to look so cute if you wore the right accessories. I loved them with brogues.

Bump Band. Although I say I lived in maternity leggings this isn’t exactly true, in the early stages of pregnancy while my belly increasingly grew I wore a bump band and continued to do so pretty much throughout my pregnancy and first it allowed me to wear clothes that were now starting to not fit as I could leave a button open but in the end I just liked that I know my belly wouldn’t show should I lift my arms up or something. I guess it was a bit of a comfort to help me carry my big bump too… Baby J was born at 8lb 11!



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