Long Leggings, Autumn Brown

From Global Maternity
From Global Maternity

With the deep and fully adjustable waistband, these maternity leggings look like comfort on legs!! There are five buttons at the bottom of the leggings – I do like a bit of detail. These maternity leggings are not dark brown, they are a paler, more subtle shade of brown and will look great when teamed up with darker shades of brown, reds or anything else you fancy! £26.99 from Global Maternity but you can get 20% off at the checkout with the code: 122010


  1. Claire – Many many thanks for the mention. Maternity leggings this winter are going really well. We also stock maternity leggings by Boob Design which we really love as the colours are rich and dark, so great for the winter.
    Amanda – I agree with you – although we don’t stock the print maternity leggings by Noppies…I do love them! We also have the dark brown leggings and will shortly be stocking the other Noppies colours.
    Kindest regards


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