Lingerie – the secret to a good night’s sleep


Sleep. It’s the most valuable currency of the pregnant woman and new mother. After several nights without it, you will do almost anything in return for a couple of uninterrupted hours.

Sleep – or the lack thereof – is a regular subject of discussion amongst mothers with small children. It’s especially relevant to me. I have two children under two and am writing this at 3am because my four month old daughter won’t settle after her last feed.

Tips on grabbing extra time in the Land of Nod can be as precious as gold, so here’s something to consider – lingerie can actually make a difference to your night’s sleep.

While it won’t make your baby sleep through, or your pregnant belly disappear for eight hours, the right lingerie and sleepwear can make you more comfortable so you enjoy your few precious hours.

When you start nursing your newborn, a whole new world of leaking breasts and absorbency pads emerges. The simplest way to combat these new challenges is to start wearing a nursing bra at night, right?

Unless you wore a bra to bed before you were pregnant, it’s probably not the solution. Nursing bras are designed to provide proper support and comfort for the daylight hours, not while you’re trying to sleep in bed.

Instead, nursing sleepwear may be the answer. It’s designed with night-time feeding in mind. One handed nursing clips and soft materials are standard features in a range of nightdresses, chemises, pyjamas or camisoles to give you the support you need whilst being comfortable enough to allow you to sleep soundly.

If you’re pregnant and struggling to get a good night’s sleep, take heart. There are maternity bedtime bras that have special bust support, ultra hold straps and super comfy stomach support to help you sleep with your bump. Many items of nursing sleepwear can also be worn during pregnancy as they have pleating or stretchy fabrics to accommodate a growing belly and give you a good night. And on that note, I’m off to bed.

This article has been contributed to The Bump Wear Project by Khali Whatley, as Khali is a strong believer in Golden Rule No. 6 – Underwear is Key! Khali is the Founder of Ma Mère, Australia’s first online lingerie store dedicated to providing Australian and international designer lingerie to expectant and new mothers.


  1. I ahte wearing bras to bed but i dont want to spend money on underwear i wont be wearing long. are there any cheaper htings i can buy?

  2. Hi Lorraine

    Our maternity and nursing sleepwear at Ma Mere starts at $59.95 (AUD).
    If you’re looking for inexpensive alternatives you may like to try eBay. They often have new items available for purchase at discounted prices. Searches for maternity singlets, nursing singlets, maternity sleepwear and nursing sleepwear should give you good results.

    I hope this helps!


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