Leslieanne pops the rock the bump cherry!


LeslieanneLeslieanne sent us in this montage of how she rocked her bump!

Looks to us that Leslieanne nailed some of the Golden Rules.

Her clothes fit well, her boobs aren’t up to her chin, there’s not a bow or piece of lace in sight, and more importantly she looks comfortable in her skin.

Mission accomplished! Good work!

We’re loving the fitted print tops, teamed up with a cardigan – and we suspect (although have no evidence!) that they’re not maternity cardigans. Perfect!

Leslieanne says: All those are normal tops (not maternity) – long & stretchy wins the race, as do leggings under jersey dresses as in the 2nd photo xx

If you want to know more about Leslieanne, you can follower her on twitter and take a moment to check out Kooky Boutique, which Leslieanne describes as ‘an ever-expanding cloud of one girl’s creative urges’.

Big thanks to Leslieanne from The Bump Wear Project for popping the Best Dresssed Bumps > Your Bumps cherry!

Want to show off your best dressed bump? Get in touch and submit your photo!


  1. woo, that’s me! 😛

    thank you for your kind words – i’m blushin’ like a strawberry!

    and what a great site – out with frumpy tent-like maternity dresses – in with rockin’ bumps 🙂 xx


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