Maternity clothes just like Kate Middleton



Kate Middleton looked absolutely stunning at the War Horse Royal Premier last night. Her dress is by Alice Temperley, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s going to be a plethora of looky likey dresses hitting the high street. Well fear not my bump rocking readers, there are some lace and nude outfits out there for you too.

Kate Middleton War Horse

First up is the Grace Dress from Tiffany Rose. Cute and just £140. They also have a lovely strapless dress called Oyster, which is also available in black. ASOS Maternity have a very nice knee length floral lace maternity dress with a boat neckline, a slim pencil cut, short styling with a scalloped hem, and semi-sheer fitted cropped sleeves for just £45 and Bumps Maternity have a rather lovely 1920s inspired little black party dress worthy of any wannabe red carpet goer. It’s on sale too, for £37. Click click. Not pictured is a full length black dress for £70 from Does My Tum Look Big In This. I fear the image does not do this dress justice though!

So ladies, if you’re planning on walking the red carpet soon, perhaps one of these will make you look as lovely as the Duchess of Cambridge! And we’re still hunting for some floor length dresses for you. If you spot one, do let us know.

Kate Middleton image source: Grazia Daily.


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