H&M Maternity … still online!


It’s not as easy as it once was to navigate to H&M’s maternity collection. Once upon a time, you just clicked on the MAMA link, and voila, there it all was. The new site redesign has meant that there is no such direct link, but it is still there. Now you need to click on the Ladies subdepartment, and then use the filter (which may be hidden under the Ladies heading) to click on Mama.

And while you’re over there, why not snap up this wide fit jersey top (£12.99), the 5-pocket slim-fit trousers in stretch corduroy with wide ribbing at the waist (£24.99) and a little bag (£14.99). If you’re looking for a little bird necklace like the model is wearing, you can grab a cheap and cheerful one from H&M for £3.99 but I’d be tempted to head over to Etsy and grab one of theirs instead (as pictured). I have the silver one and I love it!

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