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Tube Skirt from TopShop
Tube Skirt from TopShop

From: @jenlonergan

To: @bumpwearproject

Message: Help! Got a black maternity tube skirt from Topshop. Looks fab bump down, but I’ve no idea what to wear on top – any ideas?

Yes! Loads. Let’s start with giving you a round of applause for buying a great item. We love this tube skirt. It’s a great basic piece for any maternity wardrobe and an absolute bargain! Tube skirts show bumps off beautifully.

For classic work wear, wear with a structured top. Something like the front blouse from Isabella Oliver or the Oxford shirt from American Apparel. Then put on some chunky beads and bangles and you’re good to go.

Alternatively, try wearing the skirt with a mismatched jacket for a modern look. Tuck a button-down shirt into your skirt – but only if this doesn’t leave you looking the wrong kind of bumpy. The jacket doesn’t need to be maternity – you wont need to do it up.

You can create a glamorous look for evening with fabrics like satin, brocade or silk. Dress up your skirt with a feminine blouse with billowy sleeves and dare we say it, ruffles. Or choose an animal print paired with fishnets for a sexy evening look. Topshop  have some great prints in, as does ASOS.

You can wear the tube skirt with a short jacket or cropped cardigan for a classic vintage look. Accessorise with a strand of pearls and high heels. If you can’t do heels, try wedges, but do keep that vintage feel going on.

You could also achieve a relaxed style with a soft, oversize sweater loose or add a belt to create a flattering shape. If you don’t have a belt to fit your new shape, try wide ribbon. Wear the ribbon below or above the bump, whichever your preference. Complete the relaxed look with a pair of low-heeled pumps or flats.

That’s it from us, we just have one thing to say: We want one!  Hope this helps. Do send us a photo of you rocking your bump whichever look you go for!


    • That’s the million dollar question.

      It depends on a) the length of the top and b) how high the skirt is.

      Things like the BumpBand help smooth, but as we all know, there’s a lot of fabric in maternity tops and to be able to tuck them in and get a smooth silhouette is not easy!

      For some looks, in looks better … so you could always substitute any shirts for good quality vests and a jacket or cardigan…

  1. Wow!

    I DO have most of those kind of tops in my wardrobe, so I’m away upstairs to have a bit of a session!

    I can’t recommend the fit of the skirt enough – I did go up a size though as I was a bit self-conscious about my expanding bottom. (And its not pricey at all which helps!)

    Thank you so much! I will let you know how I get on 🙂

  2. I didn’t tuck – it looked a bit silly on me to be honest.

    I realised that part of the problem was that I had it at an awkward length, so I hoisted the skirt up a bit further – more leg on show, but it did look better!

    Lots of layering worked with tshirts/vests under tops to make everything look a bit smoother.

    I did try it with a leopoard print top which I loved from the front, but not so much from the side. Think I just need to get a good cardi for over it (none of my jackets fit me properly at this stage!) and a chucky necklace. Would make a great evening outfit!

    Thanks again 😀

  3. Tube skirts and pencil skirts are really sexy and looks good on every woman. Thank you for sharing those really interesting information. – Diego

  4. I guess every of us has the same problem. My room is full of clothes but I do not know what to wear. However few comments helped a lot, so thanks in advance 🙂


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