The Green Room : Week 29


The Green Room at The Bump Wear Project

Feeling: I’m starting to feel it now, I’ve hit the third trimester and I’m feeling LARGE!  I feel heavy and tired come the afternoon and could quite easily have a little cat nap . . .  if only work allowed it hey.  My boobs, which I think have been having a little rest from growing for the past month or so (probably whilst my belly catches up) are now off again . . . they seem to be getting larger by the minute.  We have also found oursleves a little tired of THE green room this week so have decided to do a little trip around the house to spice things up a bit.

Wearing: This week I’ve dug out one of my summer tops in the hope that it’ll get warm soon; I have SO had it with winter clothes, come on sun!   The white linen dress is from Thailand and accessorized in both outfits with a purple ribbon and chunky wooden bead bracelets from various trips around the world.  The jeans are TopshopMaternity jeans . .. BUT from years ago, these jeans are hand-me-arounds from my friend across the road.  The leggings are All Saints leggings, as seen in way back in Week 12.

We say: Loving the ribbon! It’s a great way to add detail and splashes of colour to any outfit. We’re also loving that back drop … Designers Guild fabric!

Our photographer is Matt, the bumps daddy and he of Slugs & Snails Photography, so if you have a bump, a baby, or anything in fact you want to get them round (yes they come to you!) and get a shoot done!


  1. You are looking gorgeous. It’s funny, I’m also 29 weeks and feel huge but people think I’m small- I just looked at you and thought you look tiny! We must just feel like whales! Off on holiday on Saturday and hoping I don’t scare holiday makers with my bump, and hoping I can make my non maternity maxi dresses work without looking like I’m in a tent! X


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