The Green Room : Week 19


Feeling: I was chatting to my best buddy (and mother to a gorgeous one year old girl) the other week about when to buy new bras and what to buy.  She said the best thing she ever did was to go and get professionally fitted and buy a good bra that saw her through to nursing. They say that you should get fitted between 12 and 16 weeks, when your boobs start to get big, so at 17 weeks off I toddled to Tink’s Pretty Things in Chichester to see the amazing Alison.  The service from Alison was out of this world, she closed the shop and took me to the fitting room to explain how she was going to get me into a good bra to see me through most of the pregnancy; then likely a larger bra towards the end and into nursing.  In fact she is going to make sure my boobs have the best care from this moment onwards, right through to becoming a scummy mummy!  I can’t tell you how different it is to wear a bra that has been professionally fitted; having never been measured in the past I am now truly a reformed character!  Do it now . . . go and get fitted!  Oh and make sure you buy HOTmilk . . .  oh my gosh it’s Amazing!!

Wearing: The beautiful and sexy Tamed full cup bra and knickers by HOTmilk.

We say: Actually, this time we’re leaving it to the professionals, Alison says:  When you notice an increase in the size of your bust, which is generally around three to four months (12 to 16 weeks). We strongly recommend you visit a professional bra fitter as they can ensure you choose the right bra for you. Depending on the development of your bust size you should be fitted again at approximately seven months, however if you feel your bra is restrictive in any way you need to have your fitting checked straight away. When making your purchase it is important to look for a maternity bra that provides excellent support and flexibility to allow for breast size fluctuation. An easy way to check this is to slide your hand into the upper cup section to assess if there is enough room for expansion. As you may have guessed if you have looked at our fitting services pages, when it comes to maternity and nursing lingerie,  we mainly only stock the fabulous HOTmilk range. Alison did look at other brands but she feels (and judging from their meteoric rise in popularity, she is not alone) there is simply nothing that combines practicality and sexiness in maternity lingerie or nursing bras the way this range does. HOTmilk shouts that a woman’s  life doesn’t not stop with pregnancy and motherhood. These items also make fabulous present for the proud dad-in-waiting to buy his newly pregnant wife.  Your man  may still be lost wandering down the baby aisles at the moment but will be a lot happier choosing something from THIS particular product line….

Photography by: Matt Wreford at Slugs & Snails.


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  2. You’re looking great. When i was this far into my first pregnancy I had put weight on all over. And your experience of underwear shopping is so much better than mine was. (m&s were crap!).

  3. We saw on twitter that you weren’t feeling too great about how you look, but after seeing these pictures it has to be said that you look fantastic.

    We have a specific maternity range of hosiery that might make you feel even better if you’re worried about the effects of pregnancy on your body, they prevent varicose veins and will give you more energy

    We also have some sexy stockings that can have the same effect if you fancied completing this gorgeous ensemble

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