The Green Room : Week 12

Week 12
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Feeling: I have now reached the ‘safe’ 12 week stage. Exciting! And now we have reached this stage we’re ready to start sharing our story with the world … well with you! There are some bits of my body that I am loving – my boobs, and some that I’m not liking so much … my increasing lack of hips!  The bump is starting to appear, but rather than being some lovely rounded pert bump, it is more like a wobbly jelly belly right now.  I have not told work that I am expecting yet, so during working hours I am hiding my belly beneath baggy tops. Don’t worry, I work for a small company, and they will not be reading this!

Wearing: All Saints leggings, Vest from Topshop accessorised with a beaded necklace. Not yet in maternity!


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  2. Congratulations!
    Get ready for a crazy few months, and then a crazy fun… forever!

    Am looking forward to watching your bump (that sounds so wrong!) – I predict you’ll be one of those super annoying, I mean everso lucky(!) people with a lovely little neat bump 🙂


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