The Green Room : The Vodka Shot (Just for fun!)

Just for fun!
Just for fun!

Anna writes: Hi everyone!  Sorry for the lack of posting over these past few weeks, we have been somewhat overtaken by nesting as the arrival of our littlen is now imminent.  Matt has had to swap his cameras for a power tools and I have been stuck to a sewing machine!  Thankfully we have now completed all those jobs that we had been meaning to do around the house, and we have a gorgeous new nursery to welcome our baby.

Now before you all cry out in alarm about this picture, let me – Claire – set the scene …

Anna and I were at a photo shoot with a couple of girlfriends. We decided we needed some photos of ourselves before we became too much older, and er, too much saggier! So whilst I sat there having my makeup applied, I turned to see Anna sitting there in her dressing gown with curlers in her hair! We laughed about how it looked, and then decided to take the opportunity to take some great, totally styled photos of her totally unrocking her bump! And without further adieu, we ran around the studio and managed to find a bottle of vodka and some cigarettes. And here’s the result! We think the stain on the dressing gown particularly adds to the shoot!

I’d like to reiterate. Anna doesn’t smoke nor has been drinking vodka throughout her pregnancy …. we do not condone such behavour at all. Golden Rule number 4 is Start from the Inside Outit was just a fun shot, which we thought you guys would also see the funny side of! But isn’t it a great photo!

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