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This article has been contributed to The Bump Wear Project by Khali Whatley, as Khali is a strong believer in Golden Rule No. 6 – Underwear is Key! Khali is the Founder of Ma Mère, Australia’s first online lingerie store dedicated to providing Australian and international designer lingerie to expectant and new mothers.

Reading runway reports of new season collections and must-wear trends can be particularly disappointing if you’re trying to deal with a changing body, either while pregnant or after giving birth.

The media attention that celebrity yummy mummies have received in recent years has meant that regular women feel increased pressure to look super-model slim during and after pregnancy. Speaking from experience, this can be very difficult to achieve without the help of a nanny, chef, personal trainer, an abundance of sleep and Gisele’s genes. But take heart – there are clever tricks that those of us who don’t have a personal staff to rival the Jolie-Pitts can use to look fabulous.

If you’d love to wear trends recently seen on the runway, investing in quality shapewear is an easy way to have an instant body makeover and increase your confidence. The right pieces contain elastane, which makes them stretchy enough to be comfortable as they shape and support your growing belly. After your baby is born, they’ll also hide tummy lumps and bumps while supporting and enhancing your newly enhanced asset – cleavage.

If you’ve looked at Jessica Alba and Camila Alves’ postnatal wardrobes with envy, you’ll be delighted to hear that many shapewear ranges now have pieces that work under a variety of fashion styles (such as strapless, halter neck and thin strap) and will support a nursing pad while you breastfeed.

Great shapewear also has a ‘memory’ and will return to its original size and shape after each wash – I’m still wearing (and loving) some of the pieces I bought during my first pregnancy in 2007.

And the best bit about shapewear? No-one can tell you’re wearing it, so you’ll be able to rock your pre or postnatal wardrobes with the best of the celebrity A-listers without the pain of their gruelling exercise regimes.

So what are you waiting for?

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  1. The problem with shapewear is that it’s not very pretty is it. Or can you get pretty stuff?I guess that’s not what it is made for.


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