River Island Maternity Collection


We’ve been waiting with bated breath since we knew this collection was coming. We were hoping for good things, and in the main have not been disappointed! Thankfully, River Island hasn’t gone OTT with some of the embellishments – studs, sequins etc – that some of it’s collections have, although we know that’s all down to personal taste and some of you love that bling!

We have not physically got our grubby little paws on the collection yet, so have not been able to try it on for fit and quality, but we will as soon as we get the chance and will let you know what we think!

But, after reviewing the range, we would add the following items to our shopping bag:

  • Jersey dress with banded stretch hemline – £29.99 and could be a staple wardrobe piece
  • Sequinned waistcoat open front with draped hem – £24.99 some sequins are okay!
  • Long lined tunic – £29.99 looks great with those skinny jeans and autumn is coming.
  • Cuffed Trousers – £24.99 we think there will look great with some heels or some pumps.
  • Boot Cut Jeans with comfort fit waistband £39.99 but we don’t know what leg length these come in.
  • Print Tee it’s longline comfort fit – £16.99 and will look great with jeans and leggings.
  • Halter jumpsuit with drawstring waist  – £39.99 can be dressed up or dressed down. The more we look at this one, the more we like!
  • Skinny Jean with comfort stretch waistband – £39.99 you all know we love the skinny jean look!

The Bump Wear Project's Picks!
The Bump Wear Project's Picks!

We are disappointed in only a few things:

  • Some items are what we would consider  a little boring.
  • The swimwear doesn’t look good, at all.
  • The colour block vest looks ill fitting.
  • The website itself is lacking some detail – but it is launch day so we will forgive them!

Price wise – the collection is comparable to all the over high street collections.

Size wise – the collection goes from a size 6 to a size 18 … so if you have a fuller figure you will need to look elsewhere.

So all in all, thumbs up to River Island! Check the range out now and let us know what you think in the comments box below. Do you agree with our choices? Or are there other items you would spend your hard earned cash on?


  1. I agree with pretty much everything you like. I prefer the printed jersey dress to the black one though but that’s horses for courses isnt it.

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