Festival Fashion

Festival Fashion
Festival Fashion

It’s festival time, and if like I did, you’re planning on rocking your bump at some festivals this year, enjoy! I did. The Bump doesn’t need to hold you back, but do stay safe …. and out of the mosh pit!

So some of our favourite festival items for you…

Accessorise with the Vintage Swallow Print Silk Square Scarf (£15) – pregnant or not, it’s a must for this summer.

Waistcoats are a firm favourite at festival, and the Antik Batik Chain Front Waistcoat (£199) is hjust gorgeous, but  for a cheaper option, the Suede Fringe waistcoat (£50) is a great buy and very Kate Moss.

Maxi dresses are great for a bump, but make sure you don’t end up looking like a frump! We’re loving the Marco Maxi Dress (£40) with it’s bandeau top which equates to no tan lines!

Shades are a must, and I’m a huge fan of over-sized shades especially the Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh II (£95) which are available in lots of different colours. And I really recommend you check out The Vintage Sunglasses Shop, I could spend a small fortune on there!

Shorts are always a must, and ASOS have some denim cutoffs which would look great (£28) with an over-sized vest (£29), a waistcoat, and a great pair of sandals (£35).

Also, don’t forget to pack a cross body bag (£45), some green wellies – colourful ones are so last year (£22) and a mac in bag or poncho (£6.99).


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