Maternity Fancy Dress


When asked what we would wear to a Halloween party whilst pregnant, we were stopped in our tracks. To be honest, we hadn’t thought of maternity fancy dress at all …. but as Halloween is approaching, we thought we ought too.

So, doing what we do best, we searched the web to find the best costumes so you don’t have to. We have found some fun ones, some ironic ones, and some that may offend a little. Be warned!

Maternity Fancy Dress Costumes

Bun in the Oven – It’s an oldie but a goodie. You can buy this in loads of places but we found it on Party Domain for only £21.15 We like that your other half can go as the Bun Maker.

Condom – I know, a bit late for that, but that’s what makes it funny. This is not a maternity costume but comes in one size so should do the job perfectly. $38.99

Virgin Mary – Yep, get your man to go as a donkey! Go on, it’ll be funny! $33.99

Nun Costume – Simple costume which can be brought anywhere for about £20. And a pregnant nun….

Nurse – This one is a maternity outfit. Don’t be tempted to buy a non-maternity one, as they just wont fit! £32.99

Whoopee Cushion – This made me laugh. £32.99

Inflatable Pumpkin – A bit more expensive, but it is inflatable! £42.99

We have not seen any of these costumes in the flesh, so do let us know if what you think if you do buy any of these. And do also share your dressed up bump pictures with us!

We also came across this site full of homemade costumes. Some are inspired. Some are just awful. We will leave you to judge which are which!


  1. i love the idea as going as a nun, but going as Mary is pure genius. such as easy costume to make (if you cant afford to buy!) and my man certainly is an ass!

  2. I dressed as a nun for a party in Oz, it was great and somewhat exhilarating being all covered up ;o) It would definitely make people do a double take.

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