Cole rocks her bump in American Apparel



Cole is the star of one of The Bump Wear Project’s favourite blogs, Pacing the Panic Room. If you have not seen the maternity series yet, we suggest you get over there and check it out. Cole allowed her husband Ryan to write ‘candidly and vividly about the building of their family’. It’s a great read. The baby has now been born, but we thought The Bump Wear Project should pay homage to Cole and how wonderful she looked during her pregnancy.

As you can see from the montage below, Cole looked gorgeous. We spent quite some time going through the whole maternity series (again!) to find our favourite bump rocking moments – Ryan took these pictures. He’s a great photographer and you can find out more about his work on their site.

Cole Rocks her Bump

So from left to right we have Cole at the following stages of her pregnancy:

What we love most about these photos is how gorgeous the fit of these clothes are. They embrace the bump, and Cole looks comfortable in what she is wearing. And they’re not maternity – but who would have known? So our top tip – check out American Apparel!

Want to show off your best dressed bump? Get in touch and submit your photo!


  1. Just followed a link from twitter. I love the dress on the left and the t-shirt but cant see the stipey one on the list of colour choices.

  2. I have read the maternity series, shes not a model by trade she just models for ryans work. she looks awesome though!

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