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Golden Rule Number 5 is Pamper Yourself. Pampering includes spa treatments!

On the 14th August 2009 I was invited as a guest to the launch of the new Ocean Hotel & Spa at Butlins, Bognor Regis. The invite included two nights free board and breakfast in the hotel and a free spa session (but no treatments).

‘Spa’ and ‘Butlins’ and ‘Bognor Regis’ aren’t words that are often strung together in a sentence so I was intrigued! So armed with my maternity swimsuit, off I went.

The spa at Butlin’s is quite small but it has almost everything you need including a hydrospa, heated loungers, foot spas, snow cave – only one of two in the UK apparently, crystal steam room, traditional sauna, relaxation pods, disco showers and of course, treatment rooms.

As I was rocking my bump – 29 weeks pregnant – I wasn’t able to use the Sauna, Snow Room or Steam Room. However, the spa was great, although it was a tad surreal sitting outside in a hot tub in Bognor! I think the singing showers are a bit pointless. Great for kids, but as kids are not allowed in the spa so a bit of an oddity. I think spas should be relaxing so if there were people in there singing away to some dodgy disco I would have been a tad annoyed. There wasn’t though. So it was all good.

I recommend the foot spa, it felt like heaven on my feet! After the foot spa, I chilled in the sun in my robe and slippers whilst waiting to be called for my pregnancy treatment.

The treatment was a top to toe treatment for pregnant people who are over 12 weeks. It cost me £65. The treatment consisted of a full body exfoliation, a moisturising massage, a mud foot wrap and a facial. It was heaven. Divine.

Sam my therapist was great. She started with the body exfoliation, gentle but thorough. She ensured I was comfortable and made sure I wasn’t ever laying flat on my back for more than a moment (as that’s not good for us pregnant people). To do my back, she had me on my side.

Although I had booked the bump treatment I really appreciated the fact that she asked before she touched the bump. She gave the bump an exfoliation, and I felt the baby give her a good kick. She must have felt it, but being professional she carried on… after the exfoliation, my feet had the hot mud treatment wrap thing, which felt lovely. I was then moisturised and massaged.

Next Sam put on the music bump band. It’s some sort of iPod contraption which plays classical music to your unborn child. At this point the baby was well awake. When the band went on, she went still for about 30 seconds, probably trying to work out what is going on … and then gave me an almighty kick before going to sleep. I think she liked it. She slept through the rest of the treatment. Whilst the mud foot wrap was doing its thing to my feet, I had a facial.

When it was all over I was disappointed but only as it was sooo lovely being pampered. I think all in all I spent a good 3.5 hours in the spa and having treatments. When I came out, I finally had the fabled pregnancy glow. My skin felt and looked amazing, which in turn made me feel amazing.

Would I recommend? Absolutely – I would definitely recommend the bump treatment. It was great. As for Butlins as a whole, well it’s either your thing or not. I’ll let you decide but if you haven’t been there for years, I think you’ll be surprised by how much it has changed.


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