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The BumpBand
The BumpBand

Following the launch of The Bump Wear Project, we were contacted by Bumpband, who wanted to know what we thought about their product. Okay, let’s put it to the test.

The testers:

  • Claire – 30 years old and 32 weeks pregnant at the beginning of the two week trial period. First time with a Bump, and a size 10 before pregnancy.
  • Bec – 26 years old, three months pregnant. Mummy to Monty so this is her second pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy, a size 10/12.

We thought we would trial this product with two testers to see if the Bumpband could do the job for those at the beginning of their pregnancy, and those who were nearing the end. A tall order for any product!

Bec writes:

I can honestly say I have really enjoyed wearing the Bumpband, and will continue to wear for the rest of my pregnancy and use it to hide my tum and keep me warm when bump becomes baby and I’m invariably plonked on park benches or in cafes breastfeeding! The purpose of theBumpband is two fold, it gives pre-pregnancy clothes longevity, as it hides the gap between waistband and the bottom of your top, the bit that no longer ‘meets’ as your bump is bursting to say ‘hello world’. It is also intended to support tum and back as you grow.

The thing I love most is not probably what it is mainly intended for, but a joy all the same – it is a sock for your belly!!! It smooths that early bump which actually looks more like I have been on the beer or over indulged the Greggs pies and grown a tum. But I also suspect in later stages it will give tops more longevity as the bump balloons and tops no longer quite reach the waistband and no end of support for heavy bump and achy back–ness which I know I shall suffer from.

The only annoying thing I found was that it did have a tendency to roll over at the top slightly but maybe that is due to my bump being on the mini side at the moment, and also that I couldn’t wear it under white as it showed through (nothing worse than a bulging tum under white) maybe I should stop wearing white tops or maybe I’ll buy a white bump band!

Claire writes:

I have been using a different band throughout my pregnancy but when I put the Bumpband on, I could immediately tell the difference. It’s definitely more supportive than the one I had been using, and the shape is much much better.  I used it mainly where some of my clothes are beginning to rise. I’m not one to ‘let it all hang out’ so the Bumpband covered my modesty, and noone noticed at all! I am very much in to the layered look, and the Bumpband lends itself perfectly to this. I wore it almost every day …

The Bumpband also hid my outy, which I was pleased about. Ladies, you know what I mean when I say sometimes during pregnancy, clothes show nothing but nipples and belly buttons, so at least the Bumpband hid one of these! Maybe I should have worn one as a boob tube too?!

The only problem I had was that it rose up a few times. When I made this observation to my partner, he did point out I had been sleeping in it (I am at that third trimester I can sleep anywhere stage … I didn’t wear it to bed!) – fair point. During the day, it stayed in place perfectly!

Product Rating

So how would we rate this product?

  • Bec says: I would give this bump band a 4/5! Big thumbs up!
  • Claire says: Totally agree with Bec, but after comparing to my old one which I thought was fine, I am going to give it a HUGE 5 out of 5!

You can buy the Bumpband online via mailorder. It costs £18, and in our opinion, it’s money well spent.

[rating: 4.5.5]


  1. I got two of these for my wife when she was pregnant and she absolutely loved them and wore them all the time. And now our baby is a few weeks old, she still wears it to support her shrinking tummy and she thinks it really helps with breastfeeding too.

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  3. Brill review – I’ve always wondered what on earth they are!
    As this baby is so unlike my first (like a hot water bottle), and makes me cold even on the hottest day (my tummy is actually cold – it’s weird!) – I reckon one of these might be a good idea just for added warmth ;o)

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