Bump Rocker in French Connection


Bump Rocker in French Connection Maternity

Our next Bump Rocker is a little shy, so asked us to chop of her head! But like our other Bump Rocker’s this little lady is loving her bump.

She writes:

I didn’t want to go out and buy a lot of maternity clothes for special nights out. I did exactly what you suggest, and just purchased base wear. But this meant when I did have to go out for an evening, my selection was limited so I made do with what I had in my wardrobe and accessorised to make the best of it.

The dress is a non-maternity dress from French Connection. It normally comes with a thin cotton belt, but I ditched that and decided to use one of my pre-pregnancy elasticated waist belts and wear it under the bump. The belt is black and tan, so teamed with some tan leather heels and a tan leather bag I was good to go! I recieved lots of compliments this night – and at 34 weeks pregnant that’s exactly what I needed!

We applaud you! We think this look works perfectly. Using accessories to pull an outfit together is one of our Golden Rules!

Ladies, don’t forget to send in your picture by completing this form. We look forward to seeing how you rocked your bump xx


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