Black Jersey Maternity Jacket

Next Maternity Jacket
Next Maternity Jacket £40

I think I may be getting a bit of addiction to maternity jackets! Perhaps because it’s so cold at the moment, or maybe simply because there are so many nice ones out there this season. Like this little number. It’s from Next Maternity and costs £40. Not bad I thought, and it seems I’m not the only one, how’s this for a fantastic review:

Source: Next Website - product review


  1. Before I say anything else might I say: OMNOMNOM!!!Now that I’ve got that out of my seytsm:Every time I read The Meek’ I find myself waiting impatiently for the next panel and checking more regularly than is reasonable just on the offchance that you’ve gone mad and produced many panels a lot sooner than expected.So, basically I’m hooked. Sign of a good webcomic.=D

  2. How about these (ha! ha!) pioneers, are they creating wealth?From Fox News: As the Obama administration gets set to enforce a controversial federal law phasing out old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs next year, two large U.S. firms have positioned themselves to profit handsomely from the production of more environmentally friendly lighting — in China.

  3. Therio 13  0Während dem Fall beruhige ich mich eigentlich schon wieder. Den größten Nervenkitzel spüre ich bei der Vorfreude/Angst auf den “Hügeln”, kurz bevor es abwärts geht.Deshalb finde ich es richtig grausam, dass die Achterbahn hier nochmal kurz anhält. Da hätt ich meinen Spaß

  4. I know the eye charts by heart too! And felt nerdy in college before my ma finally 'allowed' lenses (probably thought I'd elope once my 'beauty' was 'unspectacled', lol!)Still, hoping Div won't inherit my glasses.Tks for the tip abt the book! And tks for visiting my blog:)

  5. I read your blog yesterday… but I don't need $25 of SU stuff… come look at my office. Sorry about your upline… my upline left and my sidelines left, my up uplines are still around and I get invited to stuff… next time I'll check if you can come have some fun… in Walnut Creek with me.


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