Bird Inspired Maternity Clothing

Bird Inspired Maternity Clothing
Bird Inspired Maternity Clothing

I am a big fan of swallow inspired clothing and accessories (actually, I generally like most things bird inspired – check out Nest Goodies, another blog I write on, for lots of lovely things) so I thought I ought to have a hunt about to find the best of the best for you bump rockers.

1 – As we have come to expect, ASOS is bang on trend with this swallow print tunic. It’s £35 and available in sizes 8 to 16.

2 – Dorothy Perkins are representing well, with this safe and sensible but cute bird dress. £28. Sizes 8 to 22.

3 – Good old Mothercare are in on the action with this light weight summer dress. £25, sizes 8 to 20. Neither this picture or the one above are really representing the dress well, so click on over and have a better look.

4 – Another from Dorothy Perkins, and although the blank print blouse is not maternity we think you can get away with it. £32. Sizes 6-22. Note a few sizes have sold out already so click click.

5 – Is another non maternity item. But as it’s a bargain, and if you’re in the early stages, this loose t-shirt from Tescos om must be a must have. £4.50. Yep that’s cheap right.

Okay, I admit it. I am struggling. There are not that many nice bird inspired items out there. So think about accessories. Etsy has some gorgeous necklaces. I have my eye on a couple of them.

And do let me know if I have missed anything!!


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