Big Wardrobe …


Big Wardrobe LogoI’m sure you have all heard of eBay, but have you heard of

It claims to be ‘the world’s largest fashion recycling website’.  You can browse over 50,000 pre-loved items which need a new home. Use it to swap things you don’t wear for things you will. Turn your unwanted clothes, shoes and bags back into cash. Or, buy yourself a new-to-you outfit at a bargain price. It’s fun, fashionable and environmentally friendly…

And guess what, it has a maternity section! At the time of writing this, there are 117 items in the maternity category. We’ve spotted quite a few pairs of jeans at only £3.50 (and about the same again for postage) and some other bits and bobs which look okay too.

And whilst you’re there, check out the handbags category. There are some awesome bags being offered ….

We’ve not used this site ourselves. So if you do use it, let us know how you get on.


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