BabyBonkie – Giveaway!



We’ve just recently got our paws on a couple of Babybonkie swaddle blankets which are designed to help infants stay wrapped up through the night allowing more uninterrupted sleep. The design makes swaddling simple thanks to its shape and velcro closures. We approve of easy!

babybonkie swaddles

When Lola was little – well littler, she’s 20 months now – we swaddled her. She loved it, and that meant we loved it! So from a personal point of view I can not recommend swaddling enough!

As for the Babybonkie swaddles, they’re very nice. Very soft and minky lined. Hubba. You can get a range from the babybonkie website including some fab prints too!

And lucky readers, we have one swaddle to give away!

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, how easy is that?! Plus you get another entry if you like our facebook page and leave a comment about this post, and another for tweeting about it – make sure you include @bumpwearproject so we can keep track! That makes three entries for three minutes effort. Happy days.

Closing for entries is midnight on the 27th June.


    • Verbi LUTUROORA ei liioin kalskahda kovin kauniilta korvaan.Mitäkö se meinaa? Noh, olen ollut eri yhteyksistä ymÃmtr¤Ã¤vinäni, että esimerkiksi, jos jollakulla on peukalo keskikämmenen paikkeilla hän LUTUROOTTEE esim. koirankopin pystyyn, tai aidan kaalimaan ympärille jne.Voin olla ollut ymmärtänyt pieleenkin ;)T: Kaisa

  1. Ooooooo one of those would have been really handy with my son, I imagine it would be just as useful with this one due in October. If I don’t win one I’ll certainly be looking into buying one.

    • Th781#t2&a;s a great rule of thumb. At some point, you do have to draw the line, since if you did free work for everyone you know, you’d never have time to actually earn a living.

  2. Very Bored in Catalunya

    That looks great, I could never manage to get my swaddling to stay in place with my first, this looks very easy.

  3. Ooooh , this is a lovely prize!
    I’d love to win!
    I have also RT’d on twitter as @dizzydanni84 xxxxxx

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