Avoiding Maternity Style Mistakes


Here are a few tips on how to avoid maternity style mistakes….

In those early days of pregnancy, it’s easy to wear the wrong maternity clothes and look like you’re developing a bit of a tum, as opposed to a lovely pregnancy bump (an important distinction, oh yes). In the later days of pregnancy, the wrong sort of maternity clothes have the ability to make you look like Johnny Vegas. I know, he’s a funny man, but you don’t want to look like him!

Here is a little advice I’ve gleaned over the years to make sure that your maternity clothes collection makes you look gorgeously and wonderfully pregnant:

  1. Do not wear your partners oversized t-shirts outside of the house. These are no substitute for fitted maternity clothes.  This is not a scam perpetuated by the maternity clothes industry (honest) – its simply not flattering. Remember Golden Rule no. 3. Rock the Bump, not the Frump look.
  2. Choose maternity clothes that fit nicely round the belly.  If you are still worried that people think you’re a bit fat – try stroking your bump in a maternal way. It generally works.
  3. Maternity clothes with side ruching work well – allowing for the gentle expansion of your bump. Styles that tie under your bump also look good and are adjustable so they too grow with your pregnancy. See how our Bump Rocker Stefanie wore her ruched tops to great effect.
  4. Don’t buy voluminous maternity dresses and tunics that look like tents  (see previous Johnny Vegas warning).  They are wrong.  Big, but not clever.
  5. Chances are that your legs will remain almost the same shape during your pregnancy. Show off your pins with well fitting maternity trousers. A great investment – you’re likely to grow out of your trousers before anything else.  Buy a couple of pairs and you can rotate them with a few tops to change your look.
  6. On the subject of trousers, I’m personally not a believer in under the bump styles.  They might be OK at the beginning, but believe me, in later pregnancy your trousers will refuse to stay up.  You can get gorgeous jeans that look like hipsters, but have a lovely, wide belly-band on them – comfy, practical and no-one can see it.
  7. Please buy a new bra.  I went when 10 weeks pregnant to M&S and discovered that my boobs had gone up a cup size already.  In my opinion, the best fitters are Bravissimo, but M&S and Debenhams will also measure you.  A well-fitting bra can make all the difference to how you look. That’s Golden Rule no. 6.
  8. Above all – be you! Yep, Golden Rule number 1. There has never been so much choice in maternity clothes – the high street and the internet are full of fab styles at prices to suit your pocket, and The Bump Wear Project is doing all the hardwork to make these easily available to you. Be true to your pre-pregnancy self, and maintain your old style. It’s so important. Remember the mantra: you’re wonderful, you’re gorgeous, you’re pregnant!

Caroline O’Kane, is a self-confessed maternity clothes junky. The addiction started when she had her first baby. This wonderful pregnancy became the inspiration for online maternity fashion store wondermummy. Now a mum of three (and still fanatical about bumps and babies) Caroline is on a mission to make all pregnant women look and feel fabulous.


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