Audrey : Bolero wrap


Audrey : Bolero wrap

I have just spotted this Bolero wrap / mini cape over at Babes with Babies and just had to feature it! It will be a great addition to any maternity wardrobe as it’s such a versatile piece. It will look just as great as a lounger with jeans, or smartened up with a pencil skirt and heels. Okay, if heels aren’t working for you, pumps. Either which. It’s a soft mix which includes mohair which will give it the feel of luxury.

I am also liking this as it will be great post baby too, a great little wrap cover up should you be breastfeeding. It’s a great item. And it’s on sale. Currently 25% off and down to a couple of pence over £63.

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  1. I'll never understand the reliance on Juniors plus. It covers such a tiny niche of women. I'm quite lucky that the nearest F21 to me, I've chatted with the staff before and they've been quite enhiisuasttc about having the + stuff in store, although, it is a small section in a massive three floor store. I dunno. I have a few of their skirts but I don't buy very much there because the sizing is so hit and miss!


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