The Bump Wear Project is unique as it provides an unbiased look at the maternity market. From fashion and trends, to maternity related beauty and fitness plus a little bit of celebrity watching.

The Bump Wear Project is rated by Google as having a Page Rank 5. That’s good!

Our readers come from al over the world – our top ten visiting countries are the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Greece, Ireland, Israel, India, Belgium and Germany.

Just under 20% of our visitors are returning visitors, the rest are new. This is to be expected as you’re not pregnant forever!

People find us by looking for specific retailer collections (e.g H&M Maternity), specific items (Maternity Coat) or from searching for celebrities (e.g. Victoria Beckham Pregnant).

We are active on Facebook, Twitter (both @bumpwearproject and the editor’s account @claire_arch which combined has over 6000 followers.

We are active in the parent / mummy blogger community and have a large reach, and a klout score of 66. On twitter, our 90 day activity includes almost 200 retweets, and 2000 mentions.

We feature on Alltops Pregnancy page, where they pull a direct feed from our site, and our articles regularly the most popular stories.

We have been featured on Really Kid Friendly, OC Baby Planner, Mumable and Flying Start Magazine to name but a few.

We have also been featured on many retailers blogs following our reviews / comments / posts about their products or services.

On Blogged we have been given an editors review of 8/10…. which was great as we were very new at that time.

We’re an established site – we have been here, doing our thing since 2009.

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