So who and what is The Bump Wear Project?

If you’re looking for information about our demographics, reach and statistics, please see our reach page.

The Bump Wear Project was launched in 2009 by it’s founder, Claire Archbold, who was 31 weeks pregnant at the time. Maternity clothes shopping had been an horrific experience for her. The first attempt led to tears. The second attempt was online in the privacy of her own home and although slightly more successful, not a wonderful experience. When shopping isn’t a wonderful experience, you know something is very wrong!

Many pregnant women aren’t comfortable with their changing bodies especially in the early days, and we’d suggest even more so if being pregnant was a surprise. So shopping for clothes when your not feeling your best, dealing with your changing body and all the other emotions that come with pregnancies isn’t great – and that’s where The Bump Wear Project comes in.

The site aims to make it a little bit easier for you, by pointing you in the right direction regardless of your age, shape, style and budget. There are some Golden Rules which we believe if followed can help you look and feel great.

We are not…

– a retailer.

– a manufacturer.

– a PR agency.

We don’t…

– work in the sector, or have any shares or other linkage with those which do.

– write about products we don’t like. We just wont bother.

We do…

 – undertake reviews. This means we have physically tested the product. All reviews are clearly labeled as such, and we will state our relationship with the product i.e. how we came to review the item. We review items we have bought with our hard earned cash, not just the items which are sent to us.

 – accept paid advertising on the site, however, this does not mean the items advertised will be featured in an editorial. Advertising on this site is not a form of endorsement. You can advertise your product and/or service on this site by contacting us.

 – have a bank of pregnant volunteers who let us know about any products and or services they like. They all review products on behalf of The Bump Wear Project. Their relationship with any product and/or service will be explicitly stated.

 – link with affiliate programmes such as Amazon, this means if you follow a link we have provided to a product and then go on to purchase that product we receive a very small % of the cost. It’s very, very small. We do not however link to products because they are part of an affiliate programme.

– take sponsored content. This means we have been paid to host content on this site. If we have sponsored content it will be clearly marked as such.

We follow the UK law when it comes to advertorial and paid content. Basically, that means we will be telling you we have been paid to host the content. If it doesn’t say on the page, then it’s not. It’s that simple.